Financial Support

There is still significant financial support available for your renewable energy project This can take the shape of grants, low or no interest loans, or rebates. we can help you to identify and access the most suitable support mechanism for you and your project.

Many support mechanisms have specific eligibility criteria so let us give you the best chance of being accepted by helping you with your applications.

Regardless whether you are a private individual, a business, Public sector, or even 3rd Sector, there are options available to you for funding your project.

If you would like to own the generation asset then finance can be an option We can help you with your financial modelling to ensure your project remains viable.

We can help you with leasing the asset and put you in touch with our partner to give you very attractive rates in a tax efficient manner.

For Public Sector Organisations, schemes offered by Selix Finance can offer you 0% loans on up to half the cost of a project and we can help you source funding for the balance.

Leasing is an option if you wish to ultimately own the generation assets, although it may require full payment before break even.

Our finance partner, LoveFinance, can offer competitive rates on lease options up to £100,000 on terms between 2 and 5 years.

Use our calculator to see if this is a viable option for you. it is also worth remembering that if this is done as a business asset that there is 20% tax relief available.

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So long as the lease is put through your business, you are able to claim tax relief on 100% of the payments against any corporation tax you may pay during that accounting period This means you can save a cash amount equal to 20% of the lease payments. Please check with a qualified accountant for your specific circumstances and how to claim the relief.

*The effective Annual Rate assumes you use the full 20% tax relief on lease payments each year.


We are committed and experienced small scale renewable energy professionals looking to keep our industry alive by supporting people and business to understand and get the most out of small scale generation.

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We are constantly sourcing parts for our customers so if we don't have the parts you need listed, get in touch and we can work with you to find almost any component you need.