Wind Turbines

We work with a select few market leading technology providers. From micro turbines up to 330kW or larger.

  • Micro Turbines - Ideal for Marine or remote low power requirements. We offer the Future Energy Airforce 1.

With over 6000 units in use worldwide, this versatile micro turbine can be fitted on a standard scaffold pole and falls within the requirements for permitted development in regards to height and blade diameter.

Using a propriety controller, this turbine can connect at 24v or 48v and is ideal for off grid battery charging as well as working with PV.


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3kW & 6kW turbines offered by SD Wind have some of the largest application and geographic range of any small wind turbines, from off-shore rigs to antarctic research bases, these work horses are solid and reliable and deliver what they promise

Between 10kW and 20kW is probably the most crowded market with a large number of manufacturers each offering product with individual pros and cons.

While some machines maintain certification around the globe to qualify for smaller and smaller incentives, others have spent their time and effort in improving quality and aesthetics.

Let us guide you through the mass of suppliers in this category to match the right product for your use.


For slightly larger machines, we work exclusively with EOcycle, the Canadian manufacturer of  the superb 25kW EO25 turbine.

Offered at a fixed price, turn key installation including planning and grid* We take the headache out of running the project and give you the peace of mind of a vigorously tested and globally certified machine that will deliver what it says it will.