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Whatever your project goals, we can help you to understand the steps needed to make it happen, and no matter the project stage, Mojo Energy Advice can take you through the process.

Telling us where you are lets us look up wind speed and solar databases to get an idea of the energy potential at your site.

Typically you could look to provide approximately 60% of your energy use using just renewable sources, Wind, Solar. This means that your equipment costs are minimised whilst ensuring that you use all of your own freely generated power. We can also help you go 100% renewable with the use of batteries and hot water storage. Add in an EV charger as well to future proof your property, these can cost very little to nothing based on available grants.

The grid connection is important, as getting or upgrading a grid connection can be both an expensive and time consuming process. 

If you just want a sense check on an ongoing project, we can review your developers proposal and produce fully independent financial models to compare against what the sales person is telling you for a small fixed fee.

Let us help you in figuring out the best solution for you.

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This free viability opinion is not intended to replace a proper viability study and can only offer you the most basic outlines of a project plan. Mojo Energy Advice works with local and national service providers to carry out full assessments and deliver projects.